Nickelodeon, VH1 Love & Hip Hop, and VH1 Dating Naked


We created super fun relevant posts for Nick's audience to engage with on Instagram. It was slimy! 

NBA Season 

New season calls for new kicks 🏀 #basketball #shoes #slime

After Snapchat announced video sunglasses...

How cool would it be to have these special #sunglasses? 😎 They'd do way more than just record video 😉 #spectacles #slimeshades

Daylight Savings Time

What are you planning to do with your extra #DaylightSavings time ? ⏰ #extrahour

October Heat Wave/ Halloween

Be careful with #Halloween candy during this #October #HeatWave or you’ll be saying “It’s melting, its meeeellltinggggg!” ☀️🍫

VH1 Love & Hip Hop

For the Birth of Hip Hop Anniversary. 

Post Copy: And DJ Kool Herc said, “let there be breakbeats!”#BirthOfHipHop


VH1 Dating Naked

Various relevant posts that skirt (or don't skirt because it was naked) the NSFW line.